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Multi-Function Wire Stripper Box

Multi-Function Wire Stripper Box

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Compact and portable design, convenient to carry and use.
Each side of this product is suitable for different line sizes, perfect for multi-size wire harness construction and stripping.
It does not destroy the line, improve work efficiency.
Easy stripping without any adjustment, just with a finger grip, the wire can bu separated easily.
Multifunctional, made of steel by special hardened, with long lifetime.
Four-corner return spring design for easy extrusion and rebound, saving time and effort.
Color: blue & red
Stripping specification: 4.1mm/16mm2; 3.6mm/ 10mm2; 2.6mm/ 6mm2; 2.0mm/ 4mm2; 3mm/ 2.5mm2; 3mm/ 1.5mm2; 1.6mm/ 2.5mm2;1.3 mm/ 1.5mm2; 1.0mm/ 1.0mm2; 0.8mm/ 0.75mm2; 0.65mm/ 0.4mm2; 0.5mm/ 0.2mm2; RG6; RG59
ltem size: 52 * 52 * 42 mm / 2.05 * 2.05 * 1.65 in
Package size: 70 * 65 * 50 mm / 2.76 * 2.56 * 1.97 in
Package weight: 150 g / 5.29 ounce
Package list:
1 * Wire stripper box

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