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automatic center punch spring type marking drill tool

automatic center punch spring type marking drill tool

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Type: Center Drill Bit length: 150mm Use: Wood Drilling

Hand Starting Tool: center punch

Automatic Center Punch Marker: Spring Loaded Marking Tool

There are two types of this center punch design, one is with a cap, the other is without a cap, you can order according to your needs.
The center punch is easy to use, align the heavy head at the positioning point, hold the handle and press in the direction of the punch. After the punch is pressed back a short distance, the spring will eject the punch, creating a pit. You do not need to use hammers and other tools.
If you are trapped in the car, you can also use this center punch to break the window, saving you time and strength.
Spring structure, strong impact, suitable for steel plate, wood board and broken window.
The center punch of this style is made of steel, which is durable and not easy to break. It can be used for a long time without any worries.

Material: Steel
Color: silver, blue, red, black.
Without cap size: 132*13mm thimble size: 28*4mm
Size with cap: 130*28mm Size of thimble: 28*4mm

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1*Center punch

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