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Super Alloy Wire Cutters

Super Alloy Wire Cutters

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This is the Sharpest Wire Cutter in the world£¡

Highly recommended by more than150,000customers!

After a total of 10,000cutting experiments in the laboratory, it still remains sharp.

Want a good tool will have to buy this

Different from ordinary pliers, these pliers aremade of high-strength alloy 60CRVafter repeated high-temperature quenching, andthe strength is as high as 60HRC or more.Ordinary steel products can be cut easily.

Stripping function:stripping blade is screwed up, you can remove the adjustment gap.

Save energy design:so that cutting more easily.

Wire Pliers:clamp head symmetrical, functional teeth clear, holding objects with that solid.

Edge:double heat treatment, cutting effect more perfect.

ALL INONE-A must-have pliers tool for home or work daily using. Perfect forStriping, Trimming, Crimping, can easily deal withcopper, cable, coaxial, thermal, and aluminum wire.

ACCURATE & HIGH EFFICIENCY-High-grip forceps construction formore cutting force, very durable precision-made jaws foraccurate work results.

PP&TPR HANDLE- Plastic & cushion grip handle provides maximum leverage andcomfortable grip experience, which makes it more efficient andhelps you exert enough force.

PREMIUM MATERIAL-With the polished surface, these pliers arecorrosion resistant and ensure long-term service life.Also, it is drop forged and heat-treated for better strength and durability.

APPLICABLE TO A VARIETY OF SCENARIOS -It is anindispensable toolin your toolbox. Suitable for general households, garages,shops, handymen, and electricians.

Material£ºCR-V & TPR & PP

Product Weight£º180g-450g

Product Size£º9 inches / 8inches/ 6inches

Package Contents£ºAlloy Wire Cutters¡Á 1


Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.

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