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Corner marking toolCorner trim gauge

Corner marking toolCorner trim gauge

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DIY Supplies: Woodworking

feature1: Centering Scriber Marking Gauge

feature2: Marking Centerline Gauge

feature3: Woodworking Tools

feature4: Marking tool

feature: Mark Center Finder

type: center finder

type1: woodworking

type2: carpenter tools

multi-use marking tool for painting and trim installation on bullnose or rounded drywall corners.

Accurate and easy, save time and money without wasting material!

1. For installation: Accurately mark bullnose corners for exact trim measurement and placement. Essential for

baseboard, chair rail and crown molding on 3/4 radius, 90 degree corners. Simply place the tool on your corner,

mark a line at the trim location and measure! Plus with the gauge you can cut all your corner pieces at once, their

width will always be consistent.

2. For PAINTING projects: Quickly and easily mark perfectly straight lines for paint color changes on bullnose

corners. Simply put your pencil in the tool and slide it along your corner. Easily paint two colors with no crooked

lines! Directions and helpful hints included.

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