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¡¾BUY MORE SAVE MORE¡¿Plastic Part Retreading Agent

¡¾BUY MORE SAVE MORE¡¿Plastic Part Retreading Agent

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Sunscreen for Your Car!

Restore your plastic and trim pieces to their former glorywith the Plastic Part Retreading Agent! It is specially designed tomake faded plastic look like newandprevent surface aging with minimal effort needed. This solutionwill not leave unsightly markson your vehicle after application.


  • ULTIMATE PLASTIC & TRIM SOLUTION-Effectively remove stainsfrom the surface of plastic parts.Just wipe it with a spongeon the desired area until you reach the desired result
  • STREAK-FREE FORMULA- Unlike other trim products, thiswon't leave your vehicle with any streaky residuefor high clarity to ensure a safe drive.Easily wipe away contaminantswithout harming leather plastic items.
  • ADVANCED PROTECTION-Prevent plastics from oxidizing and fadingunder sun exposure
  • ECONOMICAL-Save you from your monthly or frequent visit to auto shopsto have your plastic items repaired, refurnish or replaced. Made fromeco-friendly materials, using anoil-free formula, harmless and odor-free.


  • Content:100ML

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