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USB Cable Heat Shrinkable Tube

USB Cable Heat Shrinkable Tube

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Have you ever been troubled that you can't find the right size of heat shrink tubing?
Do you sometimes need to connect two wires together and the wire can't be soldered down to the PCB or the soldered pad?
Have you ever been crazy about your messy shrink tubes box?
If so, you need this heat shrink tubing kit.

Main Features

  • EASY AND FAST PROCESS All-in-one step solder and seal process.Shrink quickly, durable and evenly-Neat and clean way to create a tight bond with connecting wires.
  • STAY ORGANIZED Our connectors come within a storage box, easy to store and carry. You can throw the heat shrink tubing kit in your toolbox and not have to worry about size getting mixed together.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL AND SAFETY Made of polyolefin, soft and flexible, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging. Hot Melt Adhesive & Solder inside ensures wires tightly connected and avoids wires slipping out of the terminal.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS Multiple sizes and colors, there is always a size that can come in handy when you need to do some wire repair.

Usage Scenarios

  • Suitable for electrical insulation, wire bundling, color coding, mechanical protection, wire/cable joints, and daily repairs, etc.

Usage Method

  1. Select the proper size connector for the wires, stripped wires.
  2. Insert the stripped wires into the connector.
  3. Apply heat evenly to the connector from the 2 ends first until tubing shrinks and the adhesive flows, then continuously apply heat evenly until solder sleeve melt and seal.


  • Materials: Food Grade Plastics.
  • Weight: 97g(140pcs Box), 35g(164pcs Opp).
  • Shrink ratio: 2:1.
  • Minimum Shrinkage Temp: +70¡ãC .
  • Full Shrinkage Temp: +125¡ãC maximum.
  • Operating Temperature: -55¡ãC ~ + 125¡ãC.
  • Wrap cable sleeve length: 30-90mm.
  • Internal diameter: 1mm/2mm/ 3mm/ 4mm/ 5mm/ 6mm/ 8mm/ 10mm/14mm.
  • Color: Black, red, blue, yellow, green.

Package Include

Type 1 - 140pcs Box

Type 2 - 164pcs Opp

(Quantity x Supplied internal diameter x Single length)
60pcs x 1.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Green)
30pcs x 2.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Blue)
20pcs x 3.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Green)
16pcs x 4.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Blue)
12pcs x 6.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Green)
10pcs x 8.0 x 80mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Blue)
8pcs x 10.0 x 80mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Green)
8pcs x 14.0 x 80mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Blue)


  • For best result, please use a hot air gun and rotate the connector to evenly apply heat.
  • Please raise the temperature from low to high gradually when you use the hot air gun to heat the wire connector.
  • Please DO NOT set the high temperature at the beginning, or the surface of connector will be over-heated, which will lead to the tube melt while the solder ring still not melt.
  • Keep the hot air gun at the proper distance. Don't get too close.
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.
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