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Car Ashtray with LED Light

Car Ashtray with LED Light

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*1. The car ashtray comes with LED lights, which will light up once you open the lid.

*2. For both home and car use, with dual air vent clips, you can place it on the central console cup holder and mount it on the air vent.

*3. The inner wall of the ashtray is made of highly flame-retardant materials, which eliminate fire, and prolong the service life of the ashtray.

*4. Strictly sealed cup lids and cups prevent smoke from blowing out.

*5. Built-in cigarette rest and smoke suppressor bring convenience.


*1. Material: PBT

*2. Product Size: 65*100 mm

*3. Finish: casting

*4. Mount: air vent/central console cup holder

Package Includes:

1 x Car Ashtray


The product may vary slightly in color and measurement.

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