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Hand-Cranked Ink Underline Tool

Hand-Cranked Ink Underline Tool

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Materials Nylon thread

Product Size£ºSmall size: 16cmx8cmx4cm
Large size: 20cmx7cmx7.7cm

Product Weight 150G

Package Contents£ºHand-Cranked Ink Underline Tool ¡Á 1( not contain ink)

Precautions for adding ink

The maximum ink capacity is 13ml

Ink must be poured from the sponge, do not drip too much, so as not to overflow and drip.

When the ink sponge is completely dry for the first time, please do not inject ink quickly to prevent ink from flowing out of the opening.

Using Methods

Open the sliding ink tank cover on the side of the fixed needle

Keep the ink fountain level at all times, and then drop an appropriate amount of ink onto the sponge

Main Features

Pocket ink pen, you can carry it with you and use high-strength nylon thread.

The ink-based alignment line marking tool makes the lines thin, precise, and easy to follow


Semi-permanent, scratch resistance, and stain resistance will not disappear.

Enclosed self-winding reel: The hand-rolled ink line is 7 meters long and the fully enclosed spring reel is easy to disassemble and change.

Adjustable pre-tightening force: The imported spring is built-in, which is 7-8 times the life of the ordinary domestic coil spring.

Widely used: provide all kinds of general tools, woodworking, metalworking, electrician, planting and breeding, equipment maintenance, and other comprehensive practical tools, supplies and supporting materials, clay sculptures, paper crafts, etc. Handicrafts, prints, Chinese paintings, paintings, and other art equipment tools and supplies.


Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.

Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.

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