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Clamping Squares Plus & Csp Clamps

Clamping Squares Plus & Csp Clamps

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Make your woodworking 10x easier with this new revolutionary tool!

High quality material: aluminium alloy, resistant to corrosion, will last for years.

Easy to use:can be clamped on either outside or inside corners of your workpieces.

Perfect 90¡ã corners: say goodbye to those ugly wrong angles.

Professional design: has beveled edges not to damage fragile edges of wood.

The large and easy-to-grip knobs tightenbetter thantypical handles found onthe majority of clamps.

It'll never mark your stock. The relief cut in the inside corner will let your workpieces remain intact, even after dozens of uses.

The Clamps work with materials of thickness ranging from 3/16¡± up to a full 2¡±.

Save yourself hours of time and all that money spent on useless tools. Get our clamping squares and enjoy woodworking as you have never done before!


Material: high-quality aluminium alloy
Color: red
Dimensions: 4.7 X 4.7 inch (120 X 120 mm)

Package Includes

2PACK£º2X Clamping Squares Plus + 4X Csp Clamps

4 PACK ( Best Seller)£º4XClamping Squares Plus + 8X Csp Clamps

8 PACK (Woodworker's Bundle)£º8XClamping Squares Plus + 16X Csp Clamps

The originalThetaSpot Clamping Squares Plus & Csp Clamps are available on our online store only.

Less than 20 units left in stock! Get yours now before it's too late!

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