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Damaged Bolt and Stud Extractor Tool

Damaged Bolt and Stud Extractor Tool

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Rusted bolts and studs that break when being removedare the worstnightmaresof any mechanic, and anyone else trying to fix a machine.Luckily, thisREMOVEBolt & Stud Extractor Toolwillmake your job efficientbyremoving stubborn, broken bolts or studs with ease!

Powerful Extractor Tool

  • This bolt extractor willsave hours of frustration on broken exhaust manifolds, oil filler plugs, rounded starter bolts, low-grade bolts left in saltwater, painted-over bolts, rusted tight bolts,and more.

  • Simplyattach one end to the drive and push the other end over your stud.Once the tool has locked down on your exposed stud,simply unscrew or twist it loose.

Adjustable Grip Teeth

  • With theadjustable ultra-strong grip teeth,the extractor tooleasily grabs onto studs, regardless of their condition.

  • The design allows it to grip studs without having to first figure out the size. It allows it tograb studs with smaller degrees of exposed metalthe smaller the stud size.

Anti-Rust Premium Quality Tool

  • Manufactured withhigh-grade Heat-Treated Alloy Steelformaximum durability,this tool also features a chrome finish foradditional rust protection.
  • Its compact designallows access into small areas, wherestuds may be hard to reach.

Heavy-Duty Universal Design

  • This tool has a universal design that allows you toclamp down on damaged studs from 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch,taking the guesswork out of extracting them.
  • It has a3/8-inch drivethat can be used withhand ratchets, impact wrenches, and air ratchets,and thehexagonal flatcan be used withflat wrenches, adjustable wrenches, sockets, and locking pliers.

Never Worry Delaying Your Repairing Job Again!

  • Do it withREMOVEBolt& Stud Extractor Toolandmake your life much easier!Grab yours TODAY!


Material: Alloy Steel

Size: 2.75 x 1.5 inches

Package Inclusion: Get 1pc of EZREMOVE Bolt & Stud Extractor Tool

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