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Faucet Thread Lawn Garden Hose Splitter Watering

Faucet Thread Lawn Garden Hose Splitter Watering

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1.2 Way Y Connector: Garden hose splitter has 2 Way connectors and 2 individual on-off valves.
After using the water splitter, it easily converts 1 spigot into 2 high flow water sources.
2.Internal thread water inlet: The surface is plated with copper, and the outer layer is plastic coated.
It can be connected to the faucet without twisting the whole product without turning it flexibly.
3.Double-way zinc alloy water outlet: surface plating, wear-resistant, rust-resistant, threaded design, connection does not leak.
4.Easy to Install: Only rotating the connection part to the water tap. No need to rotate the whole water distributor. No tool needed for installation.
5.Wide Use: giving you the perfect flow for watering plants, flowerbeds, lawns, vegetable and washing your car, or cleaning your pets.

Material: Zinc alloy, ABS, TPR
Color: Black Red
Types: (External thread) EU, US
Size: (Approx) 11.5*5.5*12CM/4.5x2.16x1.7inch

Package Included:
1 pc x 2 Way Y Connector


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