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Formula Pet Tear Stain Wipes

Formula Pet Tear Stain Wipes

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Keep your adorable pets clean, beautiful, and safe with ourTear Stain Wipes!Although cats and dogs are generally good at cleaning themselves, there areareas of their body that are difficult to reach. That's why we created this perfect formula tear stain wipes toespeciallycleanthestainaround their eyes.These stains may look harmless, butthey can lead to serious and life-threatening infections over time.

Our tear stain wipes aremade of 100% cottonthat isgentle and non-irritating cleaning solutionfor your pet'stear stain. It alsoprevents possible eye infectionsand other complicationsdue to bacteria build-up caused by tear stain.Use this easy swipe tear stain wipes to remove your pets dirty stains every day!

  • 100% cotton- gentle and not irritating to your pets
  • anti-bacterial-removes bacteria build-upandprevent infections
  • easyto use- removes tear stainswithone easy wipe
  • safe-does not contain harmful chemicalsand can beused for daily cleaning
  • can be applied to your dogs and cats only
  • it helps remove your pets tear stain and improve their appearance
  • keeps the eye clean and helps reduce the risk of eye irritation and itching caused by foreign bodies

Shelf life: 2 years
Package includes: One box100 / Two boxes200x Formula Pet Tear Stain Wipes

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