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Hands-Free Dust Collector

Hands-Free Dust Collector

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Ending the messafter drilling!No dustin the air anymore when drilling!!Drilling more cleaner, faster and smarter, instead of harder!!!

Hands-free DustCollector provides a safer and more effective way toremove the dust and debrisof all types of materials from all types of drilling. Specially designed for professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts.

Get yourHands-FreeDust Collectorfor drilling,NOW!

Why you need it:

¡Ì Hands-free dust extraction solution for drilling

¡Ì Fits almost any hose vacuums

¡Ì Works with corded and cordless vacuums

¡Ì Sticks to almost any wall surfaces

¡Ì Works with all drill types

¡Ì Minimizesdangerous airborne particles

¡Ì Maximizes suction around the drill bit

Main Features

Hands-Free Use

The base of the tool is manufactured from a soft flexible silicone type rubber, this allows the tool tostick efficiently to many surfaces, leaving your hands free to control the drill.

Easy to Use

Just stick it to the wall and turn it on, it will cleverly divert the vacuum flow and increases the velocity of the suction to the mouth of the tool. Andproviding extremely efficient removal of dust and debris. It can also safely contain water leaks.

Works withAllDrillTypes

Hands-free DustCollector effectively works withSpade Bits, Bullet Bits, High-Speed Steel Bits, Tile Drills, Masonry Bits, Hole Saws, and even Auger Bits.

The extraction port at themouth of the tool is nearly 70mm wide, allowing various drill bits and hole saws of up to 60mm to be used effectively.

Powerful Suction Design

Due to the unique internal design and flexible seal, the toolcreates almost 8lbs of surface suctionwhich means it will effortlessly stick to almost any surface. Powerful suction makes iteven work upside down!

The amount of suction produced by the tool will always be dependant on the power of the vacuum it is attached to.

Fit Almost Any Surfaces

It will stick to laminated surfaces,wood, metal, plastic, plastered and painted walls, concrete, Celcon blocks, bricks,and even work on ceilings.

Large Capacity

The internal spaceof the dust collectoris greater than 2 square Cm'sthatit canremove larger materials like Wood and Composite board with ease.No more blowing dust in the air when drilling!

Tapered Hose Adapter

It's made from a flexible polymer that allows it toexpand and contract under tension, increases its functionality. Each leading edge section of the adapter is tapered, helps provide an almost effortless compression fitting to your tools and hoses.

Protect Yourself & Others

It provides extremely efficient removal of dust and debris. More importantly, itcreates a far safer working environmentfor both you and anyone around you.

Usage Scenarios

Perfect for working athome,garage,workshop or theconstruction site.Solve the cleaning problem of dust and wood chips produced by drilling, woodworking, etc.


Material: ABS, Polymer

Color: Black

Weight: 140g

Package Size: 20x14x8cm

Package Includes: 1x Hands-Free DustCollector


Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.

Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.

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