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High-Powered Grass Cutter Rimmer Head

High-Powered Grass Cutter Rimmer Head

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Shape Up Your Yard In Minutes!
Is your lawn looking a little out of shape? Is your garden overgrown? Do your hedges need a haircut? TheHeavy Duty Brushcutteris like having a lawn crew trim the grass, cutting the hedges, and tilling the garden. Unlike the common trimmer head, theHeavy Duty Brushcuttercomes witha unique disc design with chainsaw teethwhich is much moreversatile as you can trim off small branches too!


  • Thedisc structure is moredurable.
  • Designed for fast and easy cutting of small trees, heavy brush, thick weeds, and grass
  • The center of the bottom designed by alloy material is more durable.
  • Suitable for gas-powered trimmers and brush cutters with 30cc and higher engines
  • Operates at a maximum of 10,000 rpm
  • 230mm9 inch 20 teeth
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