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Installation air cushion pneumatic Jack

Installation air cushion pneumatic Jack

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1.Use an air wedge between the door and the door frame. The wedge allows the user to create a space between the door and the frame so that the probe can be unlocked by the internal unlocking button or lever using the probe to withstand the recessed portion.
2.This tool is also commonly used as a gasket when installing interior doors, leveling furniture, UPVC doors and window, kitchen appliances, etc.
3.The door wedge can be used to slide between the door and the windshield on the door frame.
4.It is made of high-strength material with special soft board and leaking gas, which can withstand 200 kg of pressure.
5.Door and window installation air cushion can fully solve the problem of poor positioning and fixing during door and window installation.It can adjust the installation height and horizontal displacement of doors and window arbitrarily, which is an indispensable weapon for door and window.
Carrying weight:200kg
Air cushion size:15*16cm

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