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Intelligent Automatic Cable

Intelligent Automatic Cable

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Introducing thisspeedy charger-cablewith a mix ofgreat intelligence and beautiful artthat will make your daily charging taskeasierandtwice fasterthan your regular cable chargers,cutting charging time in half.

Automatically shuts off poweronce fully charged making youat ease even when you forget to unplug itovernight,sparing your device from damageswhilemaximizing battery lifewithhealthier and longer-lasting charges.

It comes with thedurable braided exterior,sono more frayed or broken cordsbecause you deservebetterandmess/tangle-free charging experience.


  • BOOST CHARGING SPEED WITH UP TO 50%:Powered by quality tinned copper conductors and intelligent upgrade chip so transmission is more stable and quicker.
  • AUTO-UNPLUG FUNCTION:automatically cut power when the phone is fully charged, maximizes battery life, and no more worries about overnight charging.
  • DURABLE AND RESILIENT:upgrade connection for better protection while high polyester braided cord makes it 10x more durable than standard cables.
  • SOFT LED LIGHTS:convenient for use in dark places.
  • WIDELY AVAILABLE:Accessible forandroid or apple usersand fortype C USB.


  • COLORS:Black,White, Gold, Rosegold
  • USB TYPE AVAILABLE:Android, iOS,Type C


  • 1xIntelligent Automatic Cable
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