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Magic Practice Copybook Set

Magic Practice Copybook Set

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Children Struggling With Handwriting?

Ourset of fourCopybooks emphasize children's writing skills, so learners canimprovesmall motor skillsand learn towrite beautifully.
Learning At Home

Encourage and enhance at home learning. Gift your child withcontinuousindependent learning and development.

Unlimited Use

The inkwill automaticallydisappearandthe Copybook can bereusedwith the use of ourMagic Pen.


Thick, No Smudge Pages

The paper is thick with grooved lettering and designed so it isnot easy to smudge. Idealfor handwriting practice.

Improve Cognitive Writing Ability Today!

To aidyour childrenin learningcalligraphy, writing, drawing, mathematics and english, areusable magic Copybook set is a must-have.



4 x Copy Booksfor Math, Numbers, Alphabet & Drawing. (5.3inx 7.7in)

1 x Black Magic Pen(0.5mm writing width)

4 x Pen Refills

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