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Magic Tetris 3D Puzzle

Magic Tetris 3D Puzzle

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Ever wanted a toy that could keep your kids occupied (and away from those addictive electronic devices) for hours, while nurturing their imagination & creativity? Then our Magic Tetris 3D Puzzleis for you!


  • Improve attention concentrations
  • Improve kids' ability to grasp
  • Improve kids' hand-eye coordination
  • Improve color & shape recognition
  • Improve parent-child interaction
  • Improve logical thinking

Tetris helps develop intelligence and trains children's hand-eye coordination. Seemingly simple, but with many changes and different levels of difficulty. The arrangement, connection, ringing, symmetry, etc.

The simple design and bright colors are perfect for sparking any imagination, perfect for times when you or your child just need to calm down or relax.

Assembling Blocks use common geometric patterns and colors to keep children busy for different options to play and to add creativity to eye-hand coordination and color and shape recognition.

Awesome Intelligence puzzle for kids, and great fidget toy for adults. Perfect ultimate gift idea as Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Festival Gift.

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