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Mini Portable Paper Cutter

Mini Portable Paper Cutter

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Are you into crafts and scrapbooking..? Let this Mini PortablePaper Cutterbe your handy assistant to hasten your cutting tasks!

This is the safest and quickest paper cutter for all your cutting needs. It cuts sheets of paper in one go. Simply align and smoothly slide it into cutting precision!

A5 plastic base MINI paper cutter is a simple paper cutter, suitable for DIY cutting paper in homes, kindergartens, schools, etc. Because it is simple, the thickness and precision of the cut paper are not as high as conventional paper cutters. . Using triangular blades, with folding ruler, the scale can be extended to 235MM.

What should I do if the knife is not sharp? do not worry! ! Stand up the ruler, there is a tool change slot (a bit larger) at the beginning of the number. The tool head can be easily pulled out when it is moved there. Then replace the tool head and snap it back again (special note: when using a sharp blade or changing a tool head) Pay attention to safety and avoid touching the knife edge!!!).

The plastic base is light and easy to carry.



Size: 270X85X25mm

Color: Pink¡¢Blue¡¢Purple¡¢Orange¡¢White
Maximum cutting size
Package Inclusion:
1 *Paper Cutter

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