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Mini Wire Stripper£¨2 set£©

Mini Wire Stripper£¨2 set£©

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This is a simple but essential tool for your home, office or anywhere needsaquick & easy wire stripping.

Mini Wire Stripperis designed inpocket sizewhich isconvenient & ideal to keep in your pocket or mini tool box. It iseasy, power-saving & 100% safetostrip cables & punch down wires on modular connectors.

With the well-designedsharp blade & serrated edge, you canstrip multiple threads, such as twisted-pair UTP/STP data cables & any round cables.


  • Easy &Safe to Use -Place, rotate & strip wires in a manual but effortless way
  • Strip Outer Jacket of Various Cables -Include twisted-pairUTP/STP cables,CAT-5,CAT-5e, round telephone/ data cables &other round cables
  • Punch Down Wires OnModular Connectors
  • Pocket Sized
  • No Damage toWire Core
  • Suitable for bothThick &Thin Wires -Fordiameter 5-6.2mm
  • No Power is required
  • With aFinger Loopfor Safe& Firm Holding
  1. Put the cable into the notch & adjust it to the suitable size that you want
  2. Start to rotate the mini wire stripper with a circle around the cable
  3. Loosen the stripping knife & pull out the cable sheath, cable is well stripped simply & perfectly
    • Material:Plastic & Metal
    • Length:9cm
    • 2 x Mini Wire Stripper
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