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Grooming brush for cats

Grooming brush for cats

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Thanks to its comfortable, non-slip ergonomic handle that prevents fatigue on your wrists, you will be able to brush your cat and remove 95% of dead hair effortlessly. The Grooming Brush saves you time and energy for grooming and cleaning.

Pour un toilettage comfortable

The cat brush is slightly tilted at 60 ¡ã with massage particles designed to go deep under the animal's fur to clean it without damaging your animal's skin. Gentle movements are needed when grooming your cat's hair, especially short-haired pets, to provide a fun and enjoyable grooming experience.

Easy to clean and transport

With its self-cleaning button design, just one click can remove brush hair after grooming your pet. You can also rinse it off with water afterwards. In addition, with a length of 195 mm and a weight of 95 g, this cat brush is light and convenient to put in a pocket or bag during your outings. Take care of your pet's health anytime and anywhere.

  • Compatible with all types of hair
  • Make your pet's coat soft and shiny
  • The professional brush ideal for all cat owners

Characteristics :

Dimensions: 19.5 * 8.5 * 7cm
Weight: 95 grams
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