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Pet Dog And Cat Bath Brush Massage Comb

Pet Dog And Cat Bath Brush Massage Comb

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Type: cat and dog

Function: Brush&Comb

Product name: Pet bath brush

Material :ABS + silica gel

Color: green, blue


1. 2-in-1 Bath Brush design This bath brush can be used for bathing and beauty. Helps remove dirt, mud and loose hair from your cat or dog's fur and PAWS, leaving them clean and fresh. Can remove hair, massage, exfoliate, relax, all in one machine multi-function, let your pet enjoy the bath.

2. Soft silicon material Made of ABS material, no BPA, harmless. Pet groomer is a built-in soft silicon bristle brush that is safe, soft and allows your pet to enjoy and feel comfortable during bath time.

3. Save shampoo This brush is designed as an integral foam reservoir, which can save shower gel and produce more foam. And avoid skin sensitivity caused by using too much shower gel.

4. Unlike other hairbrushes, you can even rinse it thoroughly with water to remove all hair from the brush. Rinse with running water after use, unscrew the lid and rinse the inside.

5. Non-slip handle Our ergonomic design easily fits your hand, rubber grip, so it's easy to hold! Special non-slip handles help control power and make your pet happy. This compact brush is comfortable to hold and use!

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