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Portable Chainsaw Sharpener

Portable Chainsaw Sharpener

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Still, sharpening your chain saw with a file or other laborious tool?

  • Come and buy our Easy & Portable Chainsaw Sharpener!
  • Keep your chain saws as sharp as newwith the Easy & Portable Chain Saw Sharpener andsave time and efforton your work!

Main Features

  • More Fast & Effective
    Quickly sharpen every tooth in a matter of seconds!High-quality aluminium and steelarestrong and sharp,helping you to sharpen quickly.

  • The normal way of sharpening chain saws is ineffective and inefficient.
  • With you cansharpen your chain saws quickly and efficiently, saving you time andincreasing your productivity.

  • Easy To Use
    As easy to use as a pencil sharpener!Simplyplace the clampover the rod,place the pawlon the teeth,insert the burrinto the guide andturn the handle.
  • Each time you grind your teeth, you only need topull the chain.

  • Special Pawl Stop
    Thespecial pawl stop designallowsprecise positioning to the next serrationby simply pulling the chain, withhigh sharpening accuracyandgood results.

  • Sharpen Anytime, Anywhere
    Compact and portable, the Easy & Portable Chainsaw Sharpener iseasy to carryin your bag or in your hand and provides a great sharpener foron-the-go userswho need to sharpen their chainsaws on the go.


  • 120G
(L X W X H)
  • 86 ¡Á 69 ¡Á 50MM
  • Easy & Portable Chainsaw Sharpener ¡Á 1
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