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Rocket Shooting Mortar Toy

Rocket Shooting Mortar Toy

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Develop Children's Imagination and Creativity!

OurRocket Shooting Mortar Toyis lightweight, absolutely simple to use, andhonestly pretty fun.Kids couldplay with this mortarforhours at a time.Thisrocket launcheris theeasiest type of toy explosive to set upand use forlittle mortar fans.

Bulletsare made from asoft spongy-foam material, thefoam shellsaresoft enoughtonot actually hurt anyoneif they get hit.

Our toysallow children to playwiththeir parents or friends,enhance communicationand makechildren happier.

  • SOUND AND VISUAL FUNCTION:Turn on the control switch of the barrel and shell, put the shell into the gun, and then launch the shell. During the launch process, it provides 19 feet of range and a realistic BOOM sound.
  • NEW TYPE OF TOY:Including a cannonball launcher, 3 LED foam cannonballs, flat-bottomed targets, and 4 target barrels.

  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT:The height of the barrel and the firing angle of the projectile can be adjusted freely, 360-degree rotation, the support can be fixed and bombarded firmly, very suitable for outdoor play.

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