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Tangle-Free Cable Turtle Organizer Case, 5PCS

Tangle-Free Cable Turtle Organizer Case, 5PCS

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One of the applicable cable management solutions around.
Simply pop it open, wrap your cables around the core, and snap it closed.
Protect cables, shorten them, hide them or just keep them neat for travel, your choice.
It's the perfect cable winder to organize and shortening for computer cords under table keeper,
printer cables, USB charging cables, headphone cords and more.
Organize cords/cables quickly and easily; No more tripping over leads on the floor.
Keep your headphone, earphone, PC and laptop wires.
Multi-color cable turtle organizer, electrical cord winder, headphone tangle-free wrap reel cable keeper.

How To Use The Cable Turtle

Using the cable turtle has never been easier.
Unlike many cable organization tools, the cable turtle offers
3 easy steps for optimal cable management and a cleaner space.
To use the cable turtle, simply follow these easy instructions:
1. Hold the cable turtle, and using your fingers, pull open the shell to expose the inner spool.
2. Next take the excess cable and carefully wrap it around the inner spool, then place the ends of the cables neatly in the 2 hole areas on the outer edges.
3. Carefully close the cable turtle until the shell is locked into place ensuring the cable ends sit neatly within the 2 holes on the sides.
Once this is done the cable turtle can now be placed in a desired area.


Dimension: 7cm*3cm/2.7*1.1(Approx)
product name£ºMini turtle shell hub
Colour: Green, Pink, yellow, blue, white, 5 colors in one pack
size: 7*3cm
weight: 100g
Winder style: Mini,cartoon
Material: Plastic

Package Including

Mini turtle shell hub x 1pack(5pcs)
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Hide your cords in style..
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