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Universal Earpiece Anti Dust Proof Mesh

Universal Earpiece Anti Dust Proof Mesh

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main Features
Solve The Problem Of Dust Accumulation
Long-term use of the mobile phone causes a large amount of dust to enter the volume hole, which is difficult to clean and affects the normal use of the mobile phone. Use Mobile Phone Dustproof Net Sticker toeliminate dust on the bell mouth and keep away from the trouble of dust accumulation.
Count the number of speaker holes in your mobile phone, refer to the following to choose. Suitable for all mobile phones.
Choose short styles within 1-6 holes
The short version of the dust-proof sticker has a width of 4.2MM (dustproof and waterproof)
Choose long models within 7-8 holes
The size and width of the long dustproof sticker is 4.6MM (can be freely cut)
Use tutorial
1. Use alcohol to clean around the phone speaker
2. Remove the dust-proof net, the yellow paper should be removed!
3. Aim at a row of speakers, paste them and press them firmly.
4. Wear the phone case, which is more beautiful and firm! Be careful not to scrape off the dust screen when wearing the case. It has just been posted and has not been cured!

Package list
10pcs short dustproof sticker
10pcs long dustproof sticker
10pcs long +14pcs short dustproof sticker

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