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USB Keyboard Vacuum

USB Keyboard Vacuum

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This mini vacuum can easily clean the dirt in every corner of your keyboard

Here is the new portable NanoUSB Vacuum that isperfect for cleaningyour laptop, desktop, and notebook keyboard

Simply connect the USB Vacuum Cleaner to the USB portof your laptop or computer. This device includestwo vacuum cleaning attachments, one bristle brush attachment, and one flexible rubber keyboard attachment.

Product Size

Strongabsorptionthat effectivelyremovesdust, hair, confetti and other micro-particles on the keyboard

No battery required,directly insert the USB adaptor to your device

Portable and multifunctional use (camera, laptop, etc.)

How to Use
  • Attach the desired brush to the Nano USB Vacuum and connect the USB adaptor to your device. Simply turn the power on to start using.
  • 2 switch modes (LED light andon/off function)
Package Includes

1 xUSB Vacuum Cleaner

1 x Bristle Cleaning Attachment (for tiny crevices)

1 x Rubber Cleaning Attachment (for larger particles)

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