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Ideal forlifting, hanging or retrievinglost heavy objects. Also, design forheavy-dutyandunderwaterapplications.

Not only for serious/lifting work, but it can also be aleisure tool! Great formagnet fishing, having fun searching forlost treasures in rivers, lakes, oranywhere else.


Powerful Magnetic Force

  • Boasts of astrong pulling forceand apowerful magnetic force linethat'sconcentrated at the base.


  • Works forlifting,hanging, andretrievingobjects.Also recovers lost equipment, tools, ancient ferrous objects, and more in deep water, wells, holes, or drains.

For Craftsmanship / Industrial Works

  • Using a standard flat head screw,mount it easily on any surfaceto hold or connect ironwork and articles.

Double-Sided Magnetic

  • Maximumup to 110KGpulling force with double-sided magnetic design. Greatly used for magnet fishing.


  • Shiny, rust-resistantNi+Cu+Ni triple layercoatingserves as a protection for the magnet to prevent cracking or chipping.

Durable and Long-wearing

  • Neodymiumretains its strong magnetic properties for decades.


  • Materials:Neodymium, Premium A3 Steel, & Hot Melt Adhesive
  • Coating:Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer
  • Color:Silver
  • Sizes:
    • 20mm(Pull Force: 6kg)
    • 25mm(Pull Force: 10kg)
    • 32mm(Pull Force: 15kg)
    • 36mm(Pull Force: 20kg)
    • 42mm(Pull Force: 30kg)
    • 48mm(Pull Force: 48kg)
  • 1 x Powerful Salvage Magnet
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