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Anti-Lost Earbuds Adapter

Anti-Lost Earbuds Adapter

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Make your wireless earphone experience better with an ear hook that offers great anti-lost capabilities!Give yourself peace of mind and enjoy quality music without your buds losing midway with this earbuds adapter! Anergonomically curved hook,designed specifically to keep your buds in your ear even doing the most rigorous workouts. Preventing your earbuds from slipping out and accidental loss.Great forrunning, jogging, hiking, exercising, cycling, dancing, yoga, and more possibilities!Thislightweight bendable hookprovidesamazing comfort while reducing the pressure and harm of hanging on the ear.Perfect for those with small or big ears as it can change its form for a perfect, secured fit. No more worries about having any extra movement as your earbuds will never fall out ever again!

Ensure your earbuds from getting lost forever with the best earbuds hook adapter!


Anti-Lost Hook
Aconvenient and practical ear hookthat offersgreat anti-lost capabilities.Ensuring your earbuds stay perfectly in place without sacrificing comfort.
Saving you the hassle of constant readjusting and preventing it from accidental loss.Great for listening to music while doing heavy workouts, adventures, sports, and other rigorous activities.
Over-Ear Design
Anergonomically curved, ear-hang hookthat snugs around your ear perfectly without any burden or discomfort. Featuring ahole punchat the end of the hook, allowing you to plug your earbuds securely. It doesn't dislodge easily on your ear and prevents your AirPods from falling! Trouble-free installation
  • Well-designed to fit AirPods and ear cushions, available in 5 different colors. Simply attach your earbuds to the ends of the hooks, wrap them around your ears, and take your wireless headphones to the next level!
    High-quality materials
    Made from skin-friendly lightweight material with advanced TPU that bends freely while keeping its shape intact. Perfect for those with small or large ears as it changes its shape over time to maintain a comfortable fit.
Length: 29mm x 16.5mm
Overall length: 135mm
Color: black, white, red, gray, pink
The package includes:1 Anti-Lost Earbud Adapter
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