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Brake Caliper Press

Brake Caliper Press

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Easily Reset Your Brake Caliper And Pistons!

The Brake Caliper Press is four tools in one, working on various single, dual & quad piston calipers, and centrally distributing force.The Brake Caliper Pressfeatures a compact design and a 360¡ã ratchet swing that allows access at any angle.The Brake Caliper Press evenly spreads the force on the pistons. Fast and easy to use.


  • BRAKE CALIPER PISTON TOOL:Use the Brake Caliper Press tocompress pistons quickly and easily into the calipers;Disc brake pad spreader tool creates a larger space between the caliper cavity tomake room for newer and thicker brake pads;Quad and dual-piston brake caliper tool comes pre-lubricated to protect against oxidation; It is suggested to lubricate between uses.
  • FITS YOUR VEHICLE:The disc brake caliper tool set includes 2 sets of piston plates that spread from 1-9/16 to 2-3/8 inches (2.5 to 5.1 cm) toallow plenty of room to install new brake pads;Use as a single-piston caliper tool, a dual-piston caliper tool, a quad piston caliper tool, and a rear brake caliper tool;This versatile Brake Caliper Press isideal for cars, trucks, and some commercial vehicles;Works on both fixed and floating calipers.
  • RATCHETING ACTION:The Brake Caliper Pressprovides a 360-degree swingthat allows you to keep the compression plates in place while you lever the handle back and forth to spread or retract the plates; Centrally located ratchet screw creates even force when compressing pistons toensure proper alignment and to prevent damage to your brake components;Reverse tool movement to retract compression plates by flipping the switch on the handle.
  • EASILY RESET YOUR BRAKE CALIPERS AND PISTONS:Drain the fluid from calipers using approved brake pressure relief procedure then remove the caliper and worn brake pads from your rotor assembly;Retract brake caliper press plates to fit inside the caliper cavity;Begin ratcheting slowly and steadily until the pistons have retracted completely; Retract compression plates to remove the disc brake piston tool from the caliper cavity.


  • Material:Stainless Steel


  • 1 xBrake Caliper Press
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