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Car Sun Visor Day Night Anti-dazzle

Car Sun Visor Day Night Anti-dazzle

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Product Description

The car goggles is fit for all small cars, which can effectively block ultraviolet sunlight and night driving headlight, ensure your driving safety

Product Installation - Anti glare visor car was very quick and easy installation;Put it on your visor and you can easily adjust its position.The visor can be rotated 180 degrees to fit your needs. Material:Acrylic+ABS


Made of translucent material, blocking sunlight for you, you can see the scene outside
Special anti-glare and anti-ultraviolet function,can reduce eye fatigue caused by harmful rays
Both sunglasses combined with night vision goggles, easier to use, more space-saving
Night Vision Goggles: make the opposite headlight glare becomes scattered and soft
Sunglasses: can effectively block ultraviolet light and strong sunlight
It can be freely rotated, the driver can choose different angles according to their own perspective
The visor fit the width of 120mm-190mm, front and rear can be adjusted
Applicable models: Universal
Material: PC & ABS
Dimension: 320 x140 x40mm
Wight: 400g
Color: Transparent gray/yellow
Package include
1x Car Sun Visor
1x Car Night Visor
1x Clip

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