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Diamond Handy Trimmer

Diamond Handy Trimmer

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Easy to use, worthy of life necessities!

  • One minute to help you quickly solve the detritus, burrs, edging, polishing, and other problems that you often encounter in life.

Main Features

  • Usage Scenarios£º

  • It can be widely used in stone polishing, tile trimming, glass burr trimming, metal rust and polishing, wood deburring, etc.

  • 4 Kind Mesh Numbers (Granularity)£º

  • The smaller the mesh numbers, the better the grinding effect, the larger the mesh numbers are suitable for polishing. 60 granularity for general slate and floor tiles, 100 granularity for ordinary tiles, 200 granularity for glass, and400 granularity for fine polishing.

  • High-quality Materials£º

  • The material is light, made of high-strength diamond and a high elastic sponge. It has high compression resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and can be used repeatedly.

  • Portability£º

  • This product is small in size, light in weight, and very convenient to carry. Comfortable hand-grip design, sponge chassis feel comfortable to hold, polishing is more flexible.

Using Methods


Product Weight

  • 76G

Product Size
(L x W x H)

  • 9.3 ¡Á 6.3 ¡Á 3.2cm / 3.7 ¡Á 2.5 ¡Á 1.3inches

Package Contents

  • Diamond Handy Trimmer ¡Á 1


Diamond + Sponge

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