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DIY Bead Decoration Tool

DIY Bead Decoration Tool

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This tool is designed with a hand-pressed lever that allows you to attach pearls effortlessly. Its holders also have a strong bite on them that fastens beads and rivets tightly for durable results. And the best thing is it doesn't require electricity or glue ¡ª saving you money in the long run!

  • DIY DESIGN -Squeezes beads & rivets effortlessly! This device is engineered with a hand-pressed lever that can be operated easily just like using a typical stapler.
  • DURABLE RESULTS -Better than glue sticks! The stainless steel's superior hardness allows the holders to fasten pearls and rivets tightly for durable embellishments.
  • PRECISE POSITIONING -Made with convenience in mind! Its holders are also aligned vertically to make beading a breeze and accurate.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY -You can also switch through 5 various holders for different sizes of pearls ¡ª making it ideal for beading clothes, accessories, hats, and many more!
  • PRACTICAL -No electricity or glue required, just a little effort from you ¡ª saving you money from going to expensive sewers!


  1. Fix the holder size of your choice.
  2. Put the rivet on the bottom holder and the bead on the top one.
  3. Place the cloth on top of the rivet.
  4. Squeeze the lever to attach bead and rivet into the cloth.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 520 g / 18.3 oz.

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