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DIY Magnetic Balls and Rod Set

DIY Magnetic Balls and Rod Set

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A csomag

This is the best gift for family and friends. The variety of spherical changes, different difficulties, can create an active atmosphere.


  • It is full of creativity, sophistication, brightness, sparkle and combination that makes you refocus on the origin.

  • It can help adults relieve stress, destroy boring time and relax your mind, and develop patience, intelligence and thinking skills. Older people use this to practice finger flexibility.

  • You can let go of your imagination and stimulate inspiration. With this stick and magnetic ball, you can give shape to your imagination and inspiration and enjoy the feeling of creation by creating various works of art.


    • Material: neodymium-iron-boron
    • Color: Silver
    • Each magnet rod size: 0.94 inch (length) * 0.16 inch (diameter)
    • Each steel ball diameter: 0.32 inches


    • Since the product is strongly magnetic, please put it back in the product box after use. Do not put this product together with household appliances or watches to avoid unnecessary loss of other products!
    • The bars are magnetic, but the steel balls are not magnetic.
    • Magnet is not suitable for children under 14 years. Use under adult supervision.


    • Package One: 36 rods + 27 balls
    • Package Two: 72 rods + 54 balls
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