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Ear Spoon

Ear Spoon

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Our Babycare-Kit includes3 MUST HAVE tools that every mom needs!

This three-piece luminousear and nose clean set is madeto easily and safely clean nose and ears. It is speciallydesigned for baby's andchildren.

The built-in LED light is gentle and bright without hurting the eyes, allowing you to clearly see the inside of the ear canal or nasal cavityand easily clean foreign objects such as earwax or nose boogers.

Theluminous ear spoonis made to cleanfine earwaxand theluminous ear tweezersis madeto cleanbigger earwax. They can be used safely even with small ears and noses.


The soft and smooth silicone soft spoon head and the5x magnifying glasssupport cleaning the ears and help you clean without hurting anything.


  • Made out of top grade quality stainless steel, easy to clean and sterilize,a useful and safe kit for you and your family.
  • Portable and lightweight,easy and convenient for you to store, perfect for home or travelling.
  • Polished and rounded tip,to prevent scratches to your delicate ears and nose.
  • Anti-skid handle, for firm grip and easy handling.
  • Built-in LED,lights up the nasal cavity and ear canals when clean babies noses and ears, safe to use.

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