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Jet Water & Foam Blaster Gun

Jet Water & Foam Blaster Gun

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  • Sturdy and durable nozzle sprayer
  • Reservoir for holding detergents
  • Easily gets connected to your garden hose
  • Perfect for watering plants or washing anything
  • 8 spray settings


TheJet Water & Foam Blaster Gunis asturdy and durablenozzle sprayerthat includes a reservoir for holding detergent. This innovative combination allows you to quickly and easily clean everything from cars and motorcycles, to pets and patio furniture. The multi-functional foam blaster is also suitable for watering garden plants and grass, as the garden hose foam nozzle can be switched freely between the foaming feature and watering-only feature. With the simple twist of a knob, you can adjust your preferred soap level anddistribute fresh or soapy water at a perfect and constant rate, without leaks!With just the pressure of your garden hose, this soap sprayer is capable of powerful spray action, (about 74 psi/5.1 bar), allowing you to wash your car thoroughly and completely, without using a bucket!

The foam blaster nozzle dial is adjustable and has awide variety of spray settingsto choose from; (rinse, stream, flat, center, jet, shower, mist and cone), which allow you tospray water in 8 patterns for a multitude of uses.Power clean your windows, patio and car or gently spray your lawn, garden plants or pets with this versatile gadget! It's the perfect purchase for home and garden care and maintenance.

Theergonomic designof the foam washing gun includes acomfort grip,to reduce user fatigue to the maximum extent!The automatic trigger means there's no need to keep squeezing the trigger while spraying, so your hand won't be worn out after longer use. This makes watering and cleaning much easier and far more comfortable. Start washing with one click!

TheJet Water & Foam Blaster Gunfits 2 different types of hoses via a removable adapter thatcan be connected to your garden hose quickly and easily.Under the limited pressure of your garden hose, thefoam blaster will never leak!

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