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Leathercraft Letter Stamp Kit

Leathercraft Letter Stamp Kit

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Personalize Any Leather Products


Military-Grade Durability: Forged with the hardest and highest quality alloy steel you can find, these stamps were built to last a lifetime.

Fully Customizable: With every letter of the alphabet as well as numbers 0-9 available, you can feel free to imprint anything you want into your leather.

Easy To Use: All you need are the stamps and a hammer and you can get started on your leather printing hobby. Perfect for amateurs and professionals alike!

Create Perfect Gifts: Not only is theLeathercraft Letter Stamp Kit a perfect gift in and of itself, but you can use it to create intimate and personalized gifts for your loved ones.

TheLeathercraft Letter Stamp Kit is the perfect kit for anyone interested in working with leather. The stamps are created with the finest, hardest alloy steel available, so anyone can make lasting imprints on their leather. It can also be used on metal, wood, and hard plastics!

You can use this kit to personalize boots, clothes, belts, jewelry, patches, backpacks, bags, and anything else you can think of that's made with leather. It's perfect for adding that special personalized touch to any gift.


Material: Alloy Steel

Color: Silver

Size: 6.5mm / 3.5mm

Package Includes:

1 Pcs Stamping Handle

10 Pcs 0-10 numbers stamping heads

26 Pcs A-Z alphabet letters stamping heads

Note: Hammer not included in the set, any hammer will effectively work with the stamp set.

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