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LED Retractable Magnetic Pickup

LED Retractable Magnetic Pickup

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Light where and when you want it!

ThePick Up Tool - Magnetic Telescoping & Mini Lightis a great combination tool for retrieving lost items from confined areas.


Equipped with a powerful LED light and a 2 lb. magnet, theTelescoping Mini Light and Magnetic Pick-Upworks well for collecting fallen hardware and other ferrous metals from engine compartments, heating ducts and drains.


Great for providing perfect lighting in a tight space, retrieving a stray nut that fell under the hood, or just retrieving keys lost behind a dresser.


Makes an excellent promotional item for mechanics, realtors, and hardware stores.

1. For picking up metal parts, hardware tools, nuts and bolts, etc.
2. Magnet head with LED lights, more suitable for picking off the small gap in the dark narrow shop widget
3. Scalable and easy to carry

1. Unstretched size: Approx 20cm
2. Stretch size: Approx 81cm
3. Head Diameter: Approx 1.8 cm
4. Material: Stainless steel, Plastic handle
5. Handle Color: BlackNote: it needs three LR44 batteries

Package includes:
1x Mini LED Pick Up Tool

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