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Funny Little Magic£¨2PCS)

Funny Little Magic£¨2PCS)

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Who doesn't love magic tricks!Each little window contains different magic toys that children will love.
This toy can keep your child away from electronics and reduce stress. You can also practice number and counting skills with your child!
The toys are made of high quality safe materials, suitable for children over 3 years old.
Easy to Learn Magic Tricks for Any Child
Style£º2PCS¡ÁShort rope reduction£¨1£©¡¢2PCS¡ÁLight energy dance£¨2£©¡¢2PCS¡ÁCome and go without a trace£¨3£©¡¢2PCS¡ÁRestoration£¨4£©¡¢2PCS¡ÁAutomatic rotation£¨5£©

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