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Multifunctional foldable roof rack pedal

Multifunctional foldable roof rack pedal

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For some people who like totravel or go out, how to place large or long items that cannot be placed in the car is always a problem. Thecar roofsounds like a good place, but it is not easy to get there, so you need this multi-functional foldablecar roofstep.

Practical and useful

A small thing will shorten the distance between you and the roof. You only need totake one step, you can easilyput things on the rooforremove things from the roof, andevenclean the car roof. Practical and useful.

Firm and fixed

As humans, anyone is afraid of falling when stepping on suspended objects. However, our multifunctional foldable car roof rack pedals are designed to support400 pounds/180 Kg,fit all sizes of feet, and are compatible with anySUV or RV.

Portable, convenient and foldable

The size is15X7.5X1CM, which can be folded to90 degrees, so that you can drive the car as you like, and it is convenient to carry. In an emergency, you can use it tobreak the window of survival.

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