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Pet Massager

Pet Massager

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Massaging your pet is good for your own health

Massaging your pet is also very good for you! Science has proved that being a pet parent is good for your health. It reduces stress, reduces arterial pressure and improves your mood. This is why pet parents tend to live for longer - true fact!

Cuddling, snuggling, playing, massaging - they all have many therapeutic benefits, for both your cat and you. So get massaging today!




Product function:

1. Shiatsu scalp massage
2. Applicable for whole types of people
3. Rechargeable and safe charging base
4. Simple operation and easy to take
5. Bidirectional massage work and the massage claws are waterproof (USB charging port is not waterproof)
6. Claw type of massage head and more effective

Packing details:

A massage machine, a charging base, an instruction and a USB line.
B Color: White
C. Material: Silicone
D. Size: 13.5*11cm/5.31*4.33in
E. Mode: Fast, slow
F. Rechargeable (usb cable including)
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