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Pikachu Pokemon Naruto Animated Fidget Spinner

Pikachu Pokemon Naruto Animated Fidget Spinner

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Please note that as this model ishighly customized, and difficult to manufacture that initial fulfillments will take a bit longer than normal to complete. Please review fulfillment processing times before ordering. We apologize for the delay in shipping and thank you for your understanding,

***Disclaimer Instructions***

Step 1. Go outside into bright sunlight.

Step 2. Open up your favorite social media app.

Step 3: Spin your spinner

Step 4: Press record

Step 5: Post and collect all the likes


This spinner top is designed to fit on top of your average 3 prong spinner.

Simply attach this topper to a spinner (similar to the one pictured), and film using a standard cell phone camera, in bright sunlight to see the animation come to life.

Don't have a spinner but want to make this magic happen, choose the option that includes a spinner along with the animated topper.
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