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Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand

Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand

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  • Made of cushioned foam
  • Lightweight & soft
  • Use at 3 different angles
  • Mesh pocket on one side
  • Handle on the other side
  • For tablets, phones, books & handheld games
  • Available in different colors


Are you tired of holding your tablet or book while lying down or sitting? Or it falls as soon as you find a comfortable position? If yes, this pillow pad is the solution. Redefine your reading and movie watching habit with this comfortable and firm-grab tablet stand.

What you will get:

  • 3 Angled view:If you take a side view of this tablet holder, you will see it's triangular, and that's for a reason. With 3 different inclined positions, each side gives you a different angled-view of the stuff you place on it.
  • Soft & lightweight:Unlike those heavy plastic tablet holders that can't be held onto our laps for hours, this soft pillow for iPad can be placed on the lap without getting tired.
  • Anti-fall:The sticky fabric prevents your tablet or phone from falling with a slight tilt or movement.
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