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Mini Portable Wire Stripper

Mini Portable Wire Stripper

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All Your Wire Stripping Needs In One Compact Tool

We all know that electrical work can be a tedious job.You needdifferent tools for different types of cables, and sooner or later you end up with a bunch of different tools that effectively do the same thing.With the Mini Portable Wire Stripper, you can do every wire-related job with one small, handy tool.

ImproveWork Efficiency:The Mini Portable Wire Stripper has a wide range of uses in the electrical industry. During dismantling and wire stripping work, it offers a previously unavailable variety of functions to speed up work.

QuickDismantling& Stripping:The sheathing on long sections of cable isaccurately cut using an inset blade and can then be removed quickly and efficiently,making it easy to dismantle and strip cables in seconds.

PrecisionCutting:The Mini Portable Wire Stripper is fitted with six wire stripping blades for cross-sections of 0.2; 0.3; 0.8; 1.5; 2.5 and 4.0mm. Coax and data cable is perfectly stripped.

Fit Your Different Needs:Universal dismantling and wire stripping tool for all common round cable, damp-proof cable, coax cable, and data cable, twisted pair, etc.

Lightweight and portable, the Mini Portable Wire Stripper can easily fit into even the most crowded of toolboxes, making it a must-have for electricians, homeowners, and DIYer's everywhere.


Material: ABS Plastic
Cross-sections Diameter:0.2; 0.3; 0.8; 1.5; 2.5 and 4.0mm
Weight: 100 g
Size:135 x 165 x 60 mm

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