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360 Grad Flip, Farbblitz & Musik RC Auto

360 Grad Flip, Farbblitz & Musik RC Auto

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The spins and races through any terrain, bringing joy to everyone around¡£

To make it even better, the lights up in different colours to make playing even more exciting¡£ Plus, it plays a catchy tune that your child is sure to dance to while they play¡£

Beautiful lighting - Our creates a glowing illumination on the wheels and body¡£This makes the a real eye-catcher and perfect for kids to have fun¡£

Flexible movement - not only goes forwards and backwards, but can also be turned and twisted effortlessly¡£With a few clicks on the controls, the does all kinds of tricks that your normal remote control car can't¡£

All-terrain racing - With its thick and sturdy wheels, the can be used both indoors and outdoors without breaking down¡£This way, your child can play with the at the park, beach, playground and much more£¡

Perfect gift - The is a great gift for children of all ages as it is packed with entertaining and fun features¡£Whatever the occasion, the is an easy way to inspire a happy and active child¡£

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