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Square Wood Chisel

Square Wood Chisel

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Woodwork is easy as peasy with these Square Wood Chisel.Achieve asmooth, symmetrical finishfor every wooden furniture, doors, and windows that need a squared hole with the help of this Square Wood Chisel. It conveniently turns your drill press into a mortising machine thatproduces clean, square cutsfor your woodworking projects.

The Square Wood Chisel boasts asturdy constructionto ensure that it works great for heavy chopping or rigorous drilling that results inincreased accuracy and lesser working time.It can help eject the chip efficiently to prevent jamming and alsofits most mortising machines and drill press attachments.


  • Made of high-speed steel. Heat Treatment,HRC48~50, High Hardness, Lengthened Core, High Concentricity.
  • Great fordrilling square holes in wood.
  • Mainly used forwoodworking aspects.
  • Theprofessional wood drill bit, suitable for renovation, construction, installation, decoration industry, etc.
  • Reduce the laborintensity of workers.
  • Reduce construction costsfor installation, renovation, decoration industries.
  • Fits all mortising machinesand drill press attachments.


  • Use a drill pressto keep your drill bit perpendicular to the board when cutting mortise holes
  • Match the bit's diameterwith the width of the mortise hole.
  • Begin with each end of the hole,chisel inward from the ends.
  • Upon finishing the ends, work your way towards the middle.
  • The direction of the grain and hardness of the wood species will determine how easily chisel inserts into the lumber.
  • Clean the inside of the mortise hole and smoothen out any high pointsby using a combination of sandpaper and wood files.
  • Upon completing this step, your mortise hole will be ready for a dry fit.


  • Material:High-speed Steel
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