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Steam Off Nail Polish Remover

Steam Off Nail Polish Remover

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Always Want Fabulous Nails?
Effortlessly RemoveGel, Acrylic, Glue, and Any OtherNail Polish in 10 Minutes or Less!

Look no further for an affordable, quick and easy solution to remove gel off your nails with minimal acetone. Voted the BEST tool for nail polish removal!

At home, in your office, while traveling, or anywhere you need. The portable New Gen Nail Polish Remover is the perfect companion for anyone who loves their nails.


If you love to do your nails, but hate how harmful direct contact with acetone can be to your cuticles and overall nail strength, this is the perfect solution for you.

Safe and Prevents Nail Damage

Penetrates the gel deeply and gets all the gel offwithout even coming in contactwith the nail polish remover.This means you can clean off your nails without worrying about anyskin damage.

Saves Time and Tedious Work

Saves you time from chipping away nail polish one by one. Dofive fingernails at a time, saving you so much time. Turn your frustration of cleaning your nails into fun! The Combination ofHeat and Water VaporHelps Soften the Gel Nail Polish.

Works on All Types of Polish

Nail Polish, Acrylic Nails, Shellac and others.This Next Gen Nail Polish removes them ALL without harm to your fingers, nails, or cuticles.

Works quickly, efficiently, and most of all protects your precious nails against harmful damage by avoiding direct contact with harmful acetone! Comes with five individual nail slots so you can sit back, relax, and let the remover do the work for you!

Safe and easy (never exceeds 52 degrees C) and uses steam to remove polish.

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