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Super Terminal Ejector Kit

Super Terminal Ejector Kit

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Super Terminal Ejector Kit

GetTerminal Removal Tool Kitfor your toolbox! Now you caneasily remove faulty terminalswithout damaging wires and pins!

The is auniversaltool kit withdifferent pin keys (single pins, doublepins and casting tools)forall connector terminalswhich can be used forcars, motorcycles, other electronic devices etc.

Simple to apply -Just insert, push and pullthe wireout instantlywithout damaging the pins & wires! Evenmore effectivethan prying connectorsapart with a screwdriver!

Effortless Terminal Removal
Removes terminal wires from the connectors without causing any damage.
Easy to Use

No need to pry the terminals! just insert our tool, push and pull the terminal pins for removal. Our tool provides extra leverage so you can easily remove the wire.

Offers single, double pin extractors and casting tool of different sizes to fit any terminal.

High Quality Material
Made of premium steel spring plate + plastic. It is flexible and durable.

Wide Applications
For most connector terminal which can be used for most cars, motorcycles and other electronic devices (such as household appliances).

Package includes: 1 x Terminal Ejector Kit 11 / 26 / 36 pcs

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