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Talking Duck Cloth Cover

Talking Duck Cloth Cover

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Unique Funny Duck Talking Face Cover

  • When you move your jaw the duck mouth will open and close. It's a face cover that is not onlycomfortable and functionalbut alsodemonstrate personality and provide a source of fun.

  • Theface cover will helpprevent you from spreading dropletsand assistinpreventing you from unnecessarily touching your face.
  • All masks arehand made piece by piece,with quality, care, and love- talking duck beak mask.


  • The elastic is made from two pieces to ensureeasy and stable fixation to hold it in place.
  • The masks are adult size andfit most faces!
  • The mouth (beak) opens as you talk or move your jaw/chin.
  • May perform as efficiently oneach individual.

Washing instructions:

  • Hand wash is warm soap water.Let soak for 20 min.Hang dry. Do not put in the dryer.
  • Can be ironed if desired, just be sure not to touch the elastic with the iron because it will melt.
  • Please take caution when removing your mask, ensure to wash hands before hand.


  • Material£ºCloth
  • Package Contenct£º1 x Talking Duck Cloth Cover
  • Color£ºBlack / Red / Yellow
  • Size£ºKid (11*18.5cm)/ Adult (13*20cm)
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