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Wireless Automatic Sensor Car Phone Holder and Charger

Wireless Automatic Sensor Car Phone Holder and Charger

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Rushing to work, but you forgot to charge your mobile phone? You can't jump out of your car to charge your phone at home because you are running late. Worry no more! ThisWireless Automatic Sensor Car Phone Holder and Chargerhave your back!
Cellphone charging has been necessary for today's modern life. This ingenious device will be your travel buddy that is designed to hold your phone and can charge it at the same time while you are driving. You'll surely love it!
  • INNOVATIVE & EFFICIENT.This device is a wireless fast charging phone holder that is designed to attach on your car's air vent so that when you are driving, it is accessible to use your mobile phone whenever you need it. When you put the phone near to it (3cm), the infrared-auto sensing of the device automatically flexibly opens to hold phones of sizes from 4 inches to 6 inches. An amazing air vent phone charger mount that is a must-have.
  • ADAPTABLE & CONSISTENT | EASY TO USE.This Wireless Phone Holder and Charger can hold most smartphones depending on the size or shape. Wireless charging works for Qi-enabled and Quick Charging devices only. You can easily securely attach this mobile phone holder on almost all vehicles without tools needed in just seconds!
  • DURABLE TRAVEL BUDDY.It has a very effective and sturdy suction cup, making itself reliable when adjusting your phone up to 360-degree rotation when viewing. Move around your phone in any way you want. Definitely, this charger mount will always stick to where it is. An exclusive travel buddy that allows you to charge the phone wirelessly. A well-made device that makes your life easier.
  • CONVENIENT & HANDY.You won't have to worry anymore during rush hours. Mobile phones are essential to us, not just for entertainment, but also for this is where we can quickly find information. This is small and portable that you can bring anywhere you want without taking too much space in your car and bag.
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1xWireless Automatic Sensor Car Phone Holder and Charger

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